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Your Image - Why work on it?
The power of first impressions: People begin to formulate their opinions about you before you even open your mouth. That’s the power of first impressions. It’s a quick, hands-down judgment of your credibility.

The world is a changing place: Proper etiquette, manners and established social and professional guidelines used to make it easy for people to appear at their best.

The rules today are not as clear cut and they seem to be changing rapidly. How do you cope with all of these demands? All of this seems to demand time, effort and money. This is where Magoe can be invaluable.
What can Magoe do for you?
Magoe can improve your self confidence; she can redesign your wardrobe, give you dressing tips, and improve your communication skills, body language, social etiquette and dining manners. She conducts personal training sessions as well as corporate workshops.

Magoe has already invested her time to study the world of fashion, manners and presentation. She will first assess the situations you encounter that have specific requirements related to appropriate wardrobe and behavior. Magoe will then help you:
Create new looks with your existing wardrobe.
Assist you in purchasing new clothing.
Key in on your best colors
Update your hair and makeup
Get organized
Improve verbal and non verbal communication skills
Polish your social, business and dining etiquette.
No matter what your career level or age, Magoe will assist you in designing a program that fits your lifestyle, body type, and budget. With her unique style and genuine interest in people, she can help you achieve total confidence to succeed in today's world.
Do not put this off for another moment… Contact Images by Magoe!